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Timmy Weichel


Tim has acquired an impressive and unique array of experience in systems engineering; design; systems integration; cyber security; project, business, and service management; and active military service. He has effectively supported a wide variety of customers from the intelligence community, government entities, Department of Defense (DoD), educational institutions, commercial ventures, and non-profit organizations. He is responsible for the design, implementation, and support of numerous highly secure accredited systems with a high level of customer satisfaction.

Core Strengths: Program/Project Management ■ Cloud Computing ■ Cyber Security ■ Training
Systems Integration Communications/Networking ■ Technical Writing/Publishing
■ Compliance ■ Risk Mitigation ■ Research/Development ■ Government Cryptographic Systems
■ Technical Due Diligence ■ Sales/Marketing ■ Identity Management ■ Problem Solving

I have previously held high-level security clearances. I am clearable up to TS-SCI and willing to go through an investigation to renew.


  • As the Director of Systems and Cyber Security, I served as a founding technical team member of the Global Sustainable Markets Holdings Corporation (GSM) start-up.
  • Partner and Co-founder of start-up Technology Success Provider (TSP) Helio Sector.
  • Co-founder, Chief Architect, and CTO of Impervious Technologies, a commercial cyber security company.
  • Served (2012-15) as the Motion Imagery (MI) distribution and video quality systems engineer in support of the National Geospatial Agency’s (NGA) multi-service/agency/nation Enterprise Challenge (EC) intelligence integration/evaluation event to include supporting Limited Objective Events (LOEs). This effort resulted in a significant increase in reliability and quality of video support for the event.
  • Served as the chief architect of the Metis Matrix Communicator (Metis Switch), designing a high-speed and scalable data/knowledge management communications system with numerous protection level accreditations. Led the project from inception to completion, successfully delivering the system to various key entities, including the US Air Force, the Pentagon, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), and the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center’s Tactical Engineering Analysis Lab (TEAL). Created an 80-hour training program.
  • Functioned as the Global Hawk network administrator for SPAWAR Systems Center in San Diego. Directed exercise and real-time operational networking support for the Global Hawk Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) program office, supplying networking and security designs.
  • Created and designed the Naval Special Warfare Information Exchange Subsystem (NSWIXS), a network-based communications system that incorporated tactical and strategic special warfare communications; received a Navy Achievement Medal for efforts during Tandem Thrust 95.
  • Designed and developed a secure controlled interface (CI) one-way transfer system to migrate data from lower-classified networks to higher-classified networks for DoD and agency customers, which received numerous Director of Central Intelligence Directive 6/3 Protection Level 4 certifications.
  • Served nearly 12 years as a U.S. Navy Qualified Submariner and Special Forces Communicator.
  • Volunteer at The University of San Diego’s Children’s Advocacy Institute since 1995.


Consiliant Technologies LLC


January 2023 – Present  (Full-Time 40hrs/wk)

Director of Sales

  • As the Director of Sales, I provide a personalized, consultative approach to identifying and recommending technical solutions to support each customer’s unique business needs and processes. My experience in resolving business, systems engineering, and security issues for commercial, government, military, education, and start-up customers provides a unique and innovative perspective to each customer’s situation. I look forward to providing the best support possible.

Global Sustainable Markets Holdings Company

https://gsm.holdings, https://gsmdealcity.com, https://gsmauctioncity.com, https://gsmdealcity.eu 

May 2021–Present (Full-Time 40-60+ hrs/wk)

Director of Systems and Cybersecurity

  •  Founding technical team member of the Global Sustainable Markets Holdings Corporation (GSM) start-up, I directed a team of engineers to deploy critical technologies from company inception to current-day
    operations. Ongoing support includes the definition and validation of requirements, software procurement,
    integration and development of systems, and technical assistance in support of GSM’s global online trading
    platforms, productivity suites, and business systems in a rapidly changing business requirements
    environment. Services include program & project management, software & technology evaluation and
    recommendations, technology roadmap development, systems integration, engineering, architecture design
    & implementation, business systems & technology planning, alignment, and strategic planning.
    I am responsible for the multi-national systems and security at all levels of implementation and support.
    Operations include the European Union and North America, with planned expansions to all regions
    worldwide. I interact closely with GSM’s development operations group to support software development,
    database, and web services projects.
  • Infrastructures and systems supported include the Microsoft 365 Enterprise productivity suite of capabilities,
    Microsoft Azure, IONOS virtual environments, and various Windows and Linux OS server versions. I
    provide support for Application Servers, SQL, MySQL, and front-end web services. All infrastructures
    include secure VPN capabilities, Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW), Web Application Gateways (WAF) with
    OWASP support and Load Balancing of various scale-out clustering scenarios like Azure Scale Sets and
    Content Delivery Networks (CDN). Additionally, I implemented the Delina Secret Server Privileged Access
    Management (PAM) to provide non-repudiation auditing and management of highly vulnerable
    infrastructure credentials and secrets. Other services included policy, procedures, service/incident
    management, training, and other security mitigations.

Tim Weichel Consulting


1996 – Present  (Part-Time 0-40hrs/wk)


  • Provides professional technical consulting services to commercial SMB, academic, and individual customers. Also provides such services to non-profits on a pro bono basis. Consistently maintains a high degree of satisfaction.

Helio Sector


June 2020 – Present  (Part-Time 0-40hrs/wk)

Partner and Co-Founder

  • Helio Sector is a Technology Success Provider (TSP) start-up aimed at establishing targeted services and support to simplify SMB operations, security, training, and technologies. Responsible for developing the vision, concept, and implementation of the Helio Sector business infrastructure, products, and services. Tim is involved in every aspect of the start-up, and is responsible for guiding SMB governance, policies, training, processes, technology, and implementation frameworks to enable SMB customer success. Partnered with leading industry service providers, and offering a stable cost structure, Helio Sector provides secure and reliable processes for our customers businesses.

Impervious Technologies, LLC/Virescit Tactical Systems (VTS), LLC.

Sep 2019–June 2020  (Part-Time 10-40hrs/wk)

Consultant as Tim Weichel Consulting

  • Impervious Technologies was acquired by VTS, LLC in early 2020.Provided consultant services during acquisition transition period of Impervious Technologies.

Impervious Technologies, LLC


Aug 2017 – Sep 2019  (Full-Time 40hrs/wk)

Chief Architect/CTO

Impervious Technologies provides affordable cyber products, consulting services and solutions for small & medium sized businesses (SMB).

  • As co-founder of Impervious Technologies, was responsible for the technical vision, concepts, and the successful implementation of both. Developed an SMB cyber security framework to reduce the complexity of cyber security for decision makers. Managed all technical aspects of the business process and infrastructure development, training, and support. Responsibilities included integrating service support, collaboration, communication, and cyber services to effect positive business outcomes.
    • Developed relationships with over 30 service and technology providers to support SMB customers.
  • Developed a comprehensive threat hunting service capability for a cyber security provider customer to include tracking and reporting risks on an ongoing basis. Reporting included endpoint, network traffic analysis, and suggested mitigation of customer network issues.
    • Developed standard threat hunting reporting format and training curriculum to ensure consistent and reliable weekly reporting by all threat hunters.
  • Developed and hosted regular internal technical trainings and customer facing webinars to promote empowerment and education of cyber security concepts, business processes, and best practices.


WiSC Enterprises, LLC

2015-Aug 2019  (Full-Time 40hrs/wk)
Senior Systems Engineer and Program Manager

  • WiSC-WeST Cyber Engineering Team – Responsible for the development of government and commercial technologies and business surrounding the area of Cyber Warfare, engineering, and training. The establishment of the Cyber Logistics bridge contract with NAWCWD, follow on sub-contracts, and the research, marketing, and Cyber training to the US Navy are examples of successes.
  • Supports NAWCWD China Lake Systems engineering cyber team as one of the principal engineers and architects for the Cyber Thrust Lead and Cyber Engineering Team. Responsible for Cyber framework and assessment model analysis, technical planning, cyber assessment procedures, cyber lab architecture development, infrastructure deployment, training, and technical coordination with national cyber experts.
  • Supported development of the NAWCWD Cyber Office’s executive and engineering cyber assessment training courses with the objective of building assessment awareness of regulations, guidelines, and techniques geared toward command engineering, administrative, and program management personnel.
  • Supported WiSC Integrated Technology Services (WiTS) to establish an Information Technology (IT) governance, policies, risk management, security, and compliance framework and implementation program. The primary mission of WiSC Integrated Technology Services (WiTS) is to provide excellent; secure and compliant infrastructures, support, and innovation in the delivery of technology services and products to enable and empower the company and its employees in support of the business process.

Brandes Associates, Inc.

2011-2015  (Full-Time 40hrs/wk)
Systems Engineer and Program Manager

  • As lead systems engineer, supported the Advanced Systems Integration and Operations Center (ASIC) at China Lake Naval Air Warfare Center’s (NAWC) Weapons Division (WD) System of Systems Development and Integration Division on various programs and projects.
  • Supported NAWCWD China Lake Systems engineering cyber team as one of the principal engineers and architects of the Systems Engineering Cyber Team. Responsible for technical planning, cyber lab architecture development, infrastructure deployment, training, and technical coordination with national cyber experts.
  • NAWCWD Systems of Systems Development and Integration Division mentor and instructor of government workforce development Cloud Computing effort for 15 lab resident engineers.
  • Conducted research of technologies and concepts in high speed networking, storage, computing, and Cloud Computing support for expanding customer requirements.
  • Supported Weapons Systems Center for Integration (WSCI) Lab efforts to include:
  • Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) Governance policy, procedures, and Configuration/Change Management (CM) as lead. Obtained ITIL Foundation Certification.
  • Supported ongoing National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) sponsored programs such as:
  • Enterprise Challenge (EC12 thru 14) as core lead engineer on multicast and FMV distribution architecture and systems integration engineering for all exercise related US (DDTE), CFBL, Coalition (5 Eyes), and COI unclassified networks.

    University of San Diego

    2008-2011  (Full-Time 40hrs/wk)

    Systems Administrator/Identity Management (IdM) Project Lead

    • Was responsible for the project management of the University’s IdM effort. Directed all IdM-related functions, support, and future development. Was responsible for identifying requirements, project scope, and project plans, and systems development planning in order to establish a viable enterprise Identity Lifecycle Management system. Responsible for coordination, scheduling, and leadership to facilitate across all technical areas and University department business partners.
    • Deployed, support, and marketed SharePoint MOSS 2007/WSS 3.0 implementation from a proof of concept model to a fully supported virtualized enterprise cluster resulting in increased productivity and empowerment to all University staff and faculty.
    • Maintains high customer satisfaction rates by providing direct IdM technical and administrative support to University trustees, retirees, alumni, faculty, staff, students, affiliates and business partners. Ongoing IdM process and technical improvements have resulted in significant reductions in the overall support cost (15%-20%) and increased service levels to ~21,000 customers representing over ~25,000 accounts.
    • Implemented and maintains a Privileged Password Management system which is responsible for maintaining all enterprise secrets in accordance with recognized best practices. This system controls access, audits, manages enterprise secrets for ongoing operations and Disaster Recovery (DR) scenarios.
    • Provided ongoing Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and Windows administrator systems support to include the implementation, integration, and maintenance of a 4 tier virtual/physical Linux OpenLDAP active server cluster, and Active Directory (AD) with ADAM servers for schema customization in support of emergent and ongoing IdM requirements, to include a variety of university support servers.
    • Provided ongoing training to University staff, faculty, and students in the following areas: information assurance, technical support procedures, IdM operations and support, SharePoint MOSS 2007 and WSS 3.0, privileged password management, and configuration management process and procedures.


    2006-2007  (Full-Time 40hrs/wk)

    Engineer/Project Manager

    • Supported Defense Messaging Service (DMS) Automated Message Handeling System (AMHS) implementation for various government agencies, including the Department of Defense (DoD), US Air Force, Air National Guard, and US Army.
    • Maintained high customer satisfaction rates by overseeing key engineering and project management initiatives after a personnel shortage, directly correlating with clients and staff to realign efforts and timelines.
    • Provided engineering and training support to multiple DoD and government clients, ensuring DMS efficiency and administration maintenance as well as operational readiness.

    SYS Technologies

    2002-2006  (Full-Time 40hrs/wk)

    Director, Systems Integration Programs

    • Facilitated horizontal integration of all company technologies and strategic partner products and solutions. Researched new technological advances to identify development opportunities. Provided appraisals including corporate due diligence.
    • Managed a classified, high-speed Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) engineering network over the Defense Research Engineering Network (DREN), providing developmental and exercise networking support for Global Hawk.
    • Initiated and developed a new network distribution system to accommodate high-volume data for a US Air Force client, enhancing network capacity and sensor data distribution. The application was integrated into the US Air Force baseline for imagery distribution systems with 2,000,000+ images. Supplied real-world networking support for Global Hawk during operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.
    • Introduced a hybrid CI one-way transfer and wide-band distribution system within 60 days, enabling enhanced data transfer rates and innovative high-availability, multi-domain systems to deliver millions of critical wartime imagery to exploitation and operational intelligence entities.

    Lab Manager

    • Supervised the daily operations and ongoing experiments of the SPAWAR System Center Precision Engagement Center of the Future (PECOF), testing Precession Engagement, Tasking, Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination (TPED), and Time Critical Targeting (TCT).
    • Designed and integrated a groundbreaking Mission Support Center (MSC) for Naval Special Warfare (NSW) to command and control global Navy SEAL operations, creating initial computer, network, and communication infrastructures.

    Jaycor, Inc.

    1999-2002  (Full-Time 40hrs/wk)

    Systems Engineer/Branch Manager

    • Led two engineers through customer support and development projects. Major clients included SPAWAR Systems Center PECOF laboratory, Global Hawk Program Office, the Naval Special Warfare Group One’s (NSWG-1) Mission Support Center (MSC), and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) Crisis Consequence Management Initiative (CCMI) and laboratory.
    • Supervised the daily operations and ongoing experiments of the SPAWAR System Center Precision Engagement Center of the Future (PECOF), testing Precession Engagement, Tasking, Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination (TPED), and Time Critical Targeting (TCT).
    • Designed and integrated a groundbreaking Mission Support Center (MSC) for Naval Special Warfare (NSW) to command and control global Navy SEAL operations, creating initial computer, network, and communication infrastructures.

    California Microwave, Inc. (CMI)

    1996-1998  (Full-Time 40hrs/wk)

    Communication Systems Engineer/Educator/Technical Marketer

    • Supported several company contracts, including the US Air Force’s Stand Alone Message Processing System (STAMPS), the US Army’s Consolidated ASAS Message Processing System (CAMPS), Flyaway Message Switch Systems (FMSS), the Special Forces Base Station (SFBS), and the Communication Gateways System (CGS). Functioned as a network administrator for a heterogeneous environment, including Windows, UNIX, NetWare, and TCP/IP.
    • Functioned as a network administrator for a heterogeneous environment, including Windows, UNIX, NetWare, TCP/IP.
    • Served an integral role in the initial design of the CGS-2000 messaging system, replacing the Pentagon’s communications systems to encompass Gate Guard, Sara, Dina, and TTY messaging applications.


    • Navy Achievement Medal
    • Navy Achievement Medal (Gold Star in lieu of Second Award)
    • United States Atlantic Fleet Headquarters Commander in Chief Letter of Commendation
      Commander Submarine Group TWO Citation
    • Commander Submarine Group SIX Citation
      Commander Submarine Squadron SIX Citation
    • Commanding Officer USS Silversides (SSN-679) Citation
    • Commander, Naval Special Warfare Group ONE Letter of Commendation
    • Joint Force Air Component Commander JEFX 2000 U.S. Air Force Certificate of Recognition.


    • Impervious Technologies, LLC Cyber Security Trainings (Course Development and Instructor)
      • Security Fundamentals – 10 Part End User Cyber Security Fundamentals
      • Team Training – Impervious Systems and Process Series – Document Management, Service Support, Web Services, E-Commerce, KeyPass+ Dropbox and LastPass, Proper Permalink structure training
      • Webinars – The Truth about Cyber Security and SMBs, Ransomware – The Global Menace You Can Survive, Physical and Browser Security, Mobile Workforce – Protection Beyond Your Office
      • All webinars are HRCI Certified
    • Mantix-4 Cyber Threat Hunting Platform Training (Course Development and Instructor)
    • Infocyte Hunt Threat Hunting Capability NAWCWD Cyber Risk Assessments (Engineering 8 Hour, Administrative 4 Hour) Courses (Course Development and Instructor)
    • NAVAIR Cyber Security 101 Fundamentals (6 Hour) Course (Instructor)
    • NAWCWD Cloud Computing Engineering 12 Session Course (Course Development Team and Instructor) (NAWCWD Video Series Produced)
    • NIST Special Publication 800-171 Controlled Unclassified Information Course
    • Certified Information Technology Infrastructure Library Fundamentals (ITIL)
    • VMWare vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V5]
    • Dell/EMC CX-600 Storage Area Network (SAN) Training
    • ADIC StorNext Clustered File System Training
    • Level-3 US Navy Information Assurance Training Certification UNIX
    • Level-3 US Navy Information Assurance Training Certification Windows
    • Marconi Enterprise Network Engineer (ENE) Training PEN 101E, PEN-302E, TEN-801E
    • KG-75 Fastlane High-Speed ATM Encryption DeviceCommunications Gateway System (CGS) – STAMPS, CAMPS, SFBS, and FMSS
    • Mini Volume Automated Test System (MVATS)
    • Military NEC: 23CQ – Submarine Radioman Crypto Technicians
    • Net Radio Protocol (NRP)
    • MINTERM Full Maintenance Course TSEC/KY-99
    • Limited Maintenance PARKHILL, TSEC/KY-/75A ANDVT, AN/USC-43
    • Naval Special Warfare Tactical Communications & Electronics Course (Course Development Team, Instructor and Student)
    • Tactical Equipment: (UHF SATCOM, VHF, HF,  SINGARS, , Link-11, PRC-104, PRC-113, PRC-117, PSC-5, LST-5, CYZ-10, PRC-11, KY-99,  ANDVT, KY-75, PRC-77, PRC-11, USC-43, World Wide HF Base station, C3 Task Group Van, Task Unit Van, MODCOM, and associated tactical and fixed antennas systems)
    • Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape Training (SERE)
    • TSEC/KW-46 (VALLOR) Operator Training
    • Submarine Radioman Crypto Technicians Pipeline
    • Combat Systems Technical Schools Command, Vallejo, CA KWR-37, KW-7, KY-8 Courses
    • Qualified CGS Instructor for STAMPS, SFBS, FMSS, and the CGS-2000 Server
    • Qualified in Submarines, USS Silversides (SSN-679)
    • Qualified Crypto Material System Alternate Custodian and CMS User (USS Silversides and NSWG-1)
    • Qualified Naval Special Warfare Communications Supervisor and Operator
    • Service School Command, San Diego, CA Navy Leader Development Program
    • Basic International Morse Code Operator (NEC: 23NA)
    • Naval Submarine School, Groton, CT – Submarine Electronic Technical Training
    • Naval Submarine School, Groton, CT – Basic Enlisted Submarine Course
    • Service School Command, San Diego, CA – Radio ‘A’ School